See the corresponding FroCoS page for the FroCoS reception.

All sites are located on our FroCoS+Tableaux Google map.

Tableaux Reception at the Musée Aquarium de Nancy

The Tableaux reception on Tuesday Sep. 17 will start at 18:15. It will consist of short scientific presentation of the Museum Aquarium by its chief scientific advisor. Then, Tableaux 2013 guests will be able to freely visit the Aquarium and the Renaissance Nancy 2013 exhibition "le Corps en images." Around 19:30, guests will be able to attend the reception buffet dinner until 21:30.

The trip from the LORIA to the Tableaux 2013 reception site at the Museum Aquarium of Nancy should take around 50 minutes. The following QR code can be used to download the description of the way to the reception site on your smartphone.

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Notice that the entrance for the reception IS NOT the main entrance of the Museum Aquarium but a small pathway between number 11 and number 13 of Godron street. It leads to the amphitheater of the Museum Aquarium directly.

Tableaux and FroCoS conference dinner at the Grand Hôtel de la Reine

The joint Tableaux and FroCoS conference dinner on Thursday Sep. 19 will start at 19:30. It will be held at the Grand Hôtel de la Reine which is situated on Place Stanislas, the most famous location of Nancy.

The trip from LORIA to Place Stanislas is a bit shorter (technically, a prefix) of the trip to the Museum Aquarium. It takes around 35-40 minutes using the tram.